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About the Owner

Joe Tucker
30 years experience as a pro level player and world class instructor who wrote the original Racking Secrets book back in 1998.
Almost every lesson he has given to advanced and pro level players usually ends with them saying the same thing "I can't believe I didn't come here years ago!"

About This Site

Understanding how to read a rack is worth far more than making more balls on the break. Having this knowledge adds a calm confidence to your game, you worry less, complain less and are able to focus on things that you are suppose to be focused on. You will have the knowledge and information on how to attack just about every rack you ever look at. You will know if someone is intentionally trying to cheat you and how you should deal with that, you will understand that most people simply can't put up a perfect rack and that it's your job to use your knowledge to adapt and overcome. Again, this knowledge lets you focus more on your game with a calm confidence that all players should have, enjoy.

SECTION 1: Original Racking Secrets 1, the DVD that actually helped change our game.

Lesson 1:

9 Ball racks; What you thought was bad, may be good?


Lesson 2:

10 Ball "Before Shane showed us what it should really loo...


Lesson 3:

8 ball Breaks


Lesson 4:

Taking some luck out of the straight pool breaks


Lesson 5:

One Pocket Break, 15B Rotation & Closing of RS1

SECTION 2: Racking & Breaking Secrets II Important 9 Ball updates, 10 Ball Rack & 3 New Breaking Styles

Lesson 6:

Intro with 3 New Breaking Styles Defined & Discussed


Lesson 7:

10 Ball Rack in DETAIL


Lesson 8:

10 Ball Rack in Detail Section 2


Lesson 9:

Important 9 Ball updates

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